Underwater Naturalist

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Understand your underwater environment on a more complex level, so you can enjoy your dives even more. Look for symbiosis, predator/prey relationships and build on your current knowledge of the aquatic environment. Learn more than what type of fish or animal they are, but also how they interact with each other and the underwater environment.

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Course Overview

The PADI Underwater Naturalist course will teach you the differences between the terrestrial and aquatic worlds and how to interact with the marine life with care and caution. Learning the role of plants, the food chain and predator prey relationships. You will be taken on two dives at your local dive site to put this information into practice. This course covers:

Key differences between the terrestrial and aquatic worlds

Major aquatic life groupings, interactions and information that dispels myths

Responsible interactions with aquatic life

The role of aquatic plants, food chains and predator prey relationships

What’s Included:

Prerequisites & Requirements: