Boat Diver

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Most of the best diving around the world is done from boats and quite often you have a short amount of time to get in the water from the boat – so knowing what you are doing is in your best interest. Diving from a boat can put you right on top of the dive site which is perfect as you don’t need to go find it.

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Course Overview

The PADI Boat Diver course is designed to give you the confidence to dive from all types of boats in a variety of conditions. Whether you have to step forward from the rear platform, roll off backwards or have your gear handed to you once you are already in the water, this course will teach you all of this. 

This program runs over one day as a specialty and is two open water training dives. You will learn: 

  • + Boat terminology 
  • + Boat diving procedures and etiquette, including how to enter and exit, and where to stow your gear 
  • + Boating safety, including how to locate safety equipment 
  • + Use surface lines to initiate or conclude your dives 

What’s Included:

Prerequisites & Requirements: