Drift Diver

PADI Specialty Courses

Drift dives are so much fun and is one of the coolest diving experiences you’ll have. The PADI Drift Diver course is an awesome speciality to undertake once you have completed your Open Water Course. We will show you how to enjoy both river and ocean currents, by equipping you with the knowledge of how to undertake a drift dive safely and correctly. It is the coolest magic carpet ride you will ever experience.

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Course Overview

This course shows you how to enjoy river and ocean currents by “going with the flow,” staying with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat and knowing where you are the whole time. All of the tools and education that you need to deal with a drift dive, whether its intentional or not will be taught in this course, topics include: 

  • + Learn techniques and procedures for drift dives 
  • + Receive an introduction to drift diving equipment – floats, lines and reels 
  • + Get an overview of aquatic currents – causes and effects 
  • + Practice with buoyancy control, navigation and communication during two drift dives 
  • + Learn techniques for staying close to a buddy or together as a group as you float with the current 

What’s Included:

Prerequisites & Requirements: