So who are we and why are we different?

It all started when...

It all started when we noticed that children from the age of 10 years were simply not getting the opportunity to scuba diving – nor did they suit the more common sports on offer such as soccer or rugby.

We started OZDIVE with the vision of getting kids involved not only with diving but with the important topic of marine conservation.

Our vision grew and we created a scuba diving academy for all ages to join, where we would offer quality PADI courses, local shore and offshore diving adventures, dive travel and most importantly a sense of belonging and connection to other like-minded individuals.

Key to our success is our emphasis and dedication to excellence – above and below the water. We aim to train our students like no other academy. How? By utilising a variety of techniques and training methods to enhance a diver’s skill level to be the highest they can achieve.

We do not certify on attendance – we certify on a student’s ability to dive well and meet the PADI training standards that we are committed too. We want our students to be the best divers they can be and have them set them apart from the rest when they go diving.

As a PADI Five Star Dive Centre we provide a full range of PADI scuba diving education programs, equipment selection and experience opportunities, while encouraging aquatic environmental responsibility.

By being awarded a 5 Star status means we are recognised by PADI for providing professional and quality services to divers.

We are committed and embrace the PADI System of diver education and offer regular continuing education programs to ensure our divers can advance their skills and knowledge.

Our commitment also extends to our local community and providing customer satisfaction along with great dive experiences.

Safety – committed to our own safety and each other’s safety

“At all times aware of hazards to ourselves and other above and below the water…”

People – focussed on both our customers and our staff

“Treating everyone with humility, empathy and respect…”

Environment – conscious of our impact on a fragile undersea world

“Doing everything we can to leave only bubbles…”

Quality – determined to develop divers of all levels with uncompromising skills

“There are no shortcuts to being a great diver…”

Efficiency – believing in the continuous improvement philosophy

“Being better today than yesterday and even better tomorrow”

Cost – value for our customers begets a successful business

“Providing value in training, diving and travel…”

Unlike many dive vessels which are modified for scuba diving purposes, our purpose-built dive boat, Cygnet 1, has been designed and built specifically for divers – having all the features that experienced divers look for and new divers take comfort in.

With ample deck space, overhead compartments for stowing diver bags, individual rack system to hold two tanks per diver, rear access platforms (two) for giant side entry and a dive ladder to climb back onboard; as well as featuring twin 225 Suzuki four stroke engines which pushes her along at 40 knots – it really is the perfect vessel for offshore dive adventures on the Gold Coast.

Introducing OZDIVE’s new dive operation – The Dive Deck.

As we continue to strive to be the Gold Coast’s leading and premium PADI Dive Centre, it made sense to streamline our dive operations with the goal of becoming more efficient, providing a premium service and increasing comfort to our OZDIVE Tribe. How? By moving all dive operations from Dive Warehouse (located in Sporty’s Warehouse) to be next to our dive vessel at Mariner Cove. We still have our office and training rooms at Dive Warehouse and continue to partner with Dive Warehouse for all dive gear and equipment but all dive operations will run from Mariners Cove, Main Beach.

So, what is so special about “The Dive Deck”? Just like our dive vessel Cygnet 1 was built for diving, so too is The Dive Deck. Custom made gear racks and wash down bays, alongside our new air compressor and banks make it easier for our divers to fill tanks and wash and hang their gear. Our check-in lounge is available to use before and after your dive, to fill our any necessary paperwork or just to relax, mingle and have a beverage and snack. See The Dive Deck video below.


Pierre Brits

PADI Course Director

  • Course Director
  • EFR & O2 instructor trainer

Pierre started his diving journey 33 years ago and has 20 years of instructing experience under his belt.

Since becoming an instructor he has certified hundreds of scuba divers from around the globe on two different continents plus certified OWSI instructors placing them on their own personal teaching journey.

Pierre built and owned a Padi Dive Centre in South Africa and has a wealth of centre management experience.

His favourite dive destinations vary from the Gold Coast’s Scottish prince to Wolf Rock, Manta Bommie at Stradbroke island, Cook Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

Internationally the East Coast of Africa – Manta Reef in Mozambique, Sodwana Bay South Africa feature at the top of his favourites.

His passion is to dive and in particular to teach others to love the diving as much as he does.

To quote Pierre….

“Nothing gives me more pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of those I have introduced to scuba diving”


Corey Brown

Master Scuba Diver Instructor

Corey is our driven and passionate Master Scuba Diver Instructor. He just loves the sport of scuba diving and his primary goal is to ensure  OZDIVE train all our students at the highest standard.  

Corey aims for each student to reach their full potential as a diver and therefore places a strong emphasis on training standards, methods and techniques. Why? 

So that OZDIVE students stand out from the rest and are truly competent – Corey certifies students on their skill level, not attendance. 


Diving worldwide for over 30 years  and having thousands of dives under his belt, Corey is a powerhouse in the water. His favourite wreck dive is the SS President Coolidge (Vanuatu) and his favourite (and once regular) dive destination is Sipadan with its over 400 species of fish and hundreds of coral species.  

Corey’s passion is instructing and running PADI courses. He is passionate about the PADI brand and is dedicated to excellence in training. 

Geoff Booth

Dive Master

Geoff completed his FAUI (Federation of Underwater Instructors) Open Water certification in 1977 when it was offered as a Wednesday afternoon school sport at Palm Beach-Currumbin High through Tweed Dive. Weather permitting, the school would either dive Cook Island or the Tweed River, every Wednesday afternoon.

Over the next few years Geoff would dive the coastal reefs off Tweed Heads, Palm Beach, as well as monthly weekend trips to Julian Rocks at Byron Bay.

Moving forward nine years later and with the ambition of becoming a Dive Master and Instructor, Geoff completed his Advanced and Rescue certification in 1986. However, as often happens in life, other career opportunities put this dream on hold.

Geoff continued to dive with his brother Steve (as Dive Master) and ran annual trips to Lady Musgrave Island out of Bundaberg; as well as diving the reefs off the Bunker and Capricorn Group for more than 10 years. Geoff also has been fortunate to experience diving in locations such as The Caribbean, Mexico and Thailand.

Having recently retired, Geoff decided to reignite his passion for diving and achieved his Dive Master certification this year with OZDIVE. Thus, paving the way for Geoff to do what he is passionate about – assisting new and experienced divers to get that buzz out of ‘blowing bubbles’ – just as he has done so for past 40+ years. 

Geoff loves the type of people SCUBA diving attracts – enthusiastic, passionate and excitable – it’s not surprising to us all at OZDIVE as to why he and Corey get along so well.


As a result of Geoff’s career background, safety is at the core of his dive ethos – to quote Geoff, ‘It takes attention to detail to ensure we all come out of the water in exactly the same shape as we went in, albeit with another terrific experience under our belt’. We couldn’t agree more and are so grateful to have Geoff and his exemplary dive ethos be part of our tribe.

Bridget Burt

Dive Master & Skipper

  • Dive Master – PADI 
  • Coxswains NC1 – Offshore Commercial Boat Operator 

Bridget is our extremely disciplined Dive Master, Skipper and is an allrounder when it comes to fitness and adventure. Bridget has a love of extreme sports such as Skydiving with over 300 jumps and Flyboarding. 


A professional athlete and stunt performer within the film and television industry, during her down time, Bridget enjoys coming back to ‘her roots’ of driving boats and being offshore with the OZDIVE tribe.

Jie Trudgett

Dive Master In Training

Jie is our Dive Master in training and all round awesome guy.  His love of the outdoors first led Jie to scuba diving  where he undertook his PADI Open Water course with us.

Since then Jie has remained with us,  progressing his diving down a professional path to become a PADI Pro with OZDIVE, so he can share his passion of diving and the underwater world with others. 

We are so fortunate to have Jie with us and he really is part of our family. He is always there to help our students and crew with anything they need and he always does it with a smile on his face. 

Lisa Amarant

Business Operations

Lisa is the ‘behind the scenes’ member of our OZDIVE tribe. While we are all diving, heading offshore or running a PADI course, Lisa takes care of all the business side of OZDIVE and can usually be found behind a computer. 

An adventurer at heart, this mother of 3 young children, still manages to squeeze in some diving  adventures as well as volunteer within her local community. 

Lisa loves wreck diving, so she is always joining us for our wreck diving getaway adventures (she is usually the one waving excitedly at the camera or completely zoned out as if she were meditating underwater).

Having a Bachelor of Commerce and over 20 years in corporate sales, marketing and management roles for large multinationals, Lisa is the perfect person to be running our business operations, while we go off and dive!