SEQ Marine Boat & Jet Ski Safety Licence Program

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Welcome to the TSS / SEQ Marine Boat & Jet Ski Safety Licence Program.

The combined boat and personal watercraft (PWC) or jet ski licence course covers the essential knowledge and practical skills to acquire your QLD Boat and PWC licence.

The Combined Boat and Jet Ski licence course incorporates:

+ Online video theory learning and practice quiz

+ A final multiple choice theory assessment (50 questions boat + 20 question PWC)

+ Practical training and assessment on the boat and PWC

You must successfully complete all tasks on the boat and PWC and pass the theory exam at 100% to be deemed competent. But don’t panic, our skilled instructors are here to support you in developing the required competence levels to pass your assessments.


Because a jet ski is a power boat, to obtain your PWC licence you must either:

+ Already hold a Recreational Marine Driver Licence (Power Boat Licence), OR

+ Complete the combined boat and jet ski licence course

+ Important Note Regarding Obtaining Licence:

You must take your Statement of Competency (SoC) to QLD Transport & Main Roads (TMR). Once you are deemed competent you will receive a statement of competency from us. You have six months from the practical day to register your statement of competency to QLD TMR before it expires. Your statement of competency is not a licence until it is registered.

Your school will contact you with regards to course date.

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Course Overview

Students supplied individual e-learning program and assessment. (Approx. 4hrs in own time) 

Week 1 – Students attend Friday class room theory session 

Week 2 – Students attend Friday class room theory session 

Week 3 – QLD Water Police & Marine Safety Qld (MSQ) presentation to students (Lecture Theatre) 

Week 4 onwards – Final Exam (Friday in classroom) 

Week 5 Onwards – Practical session (afterschool or weekend @ rear of TSS on river) 

Course Content

The Combined Boat and PWC licence course will cover the following topics for both the Boat and PWC:

  • + Planning your trip
  • + Understanding marine safety, legal obligations and seaworthiness
  • + Main parts of a small recreational boat and PWC
  • + Boat maintenance
  • + Safety equipment and pre-launch checks
  • + Starting and launching your PWC
  • + Operating and manoeuvring your PWC
  • + GPS systems and determining position
  • + Applying COLREGS system of navigation to prevent collision at sea
  • + Weather and tides
  • + Responding to marine emergencies and incidents

In addition, the practical component on both the boat and PWC Includes explanation, demonstration, practice and assessment of the following activities:

  • + Manoeuvres at slow speed – 6 knots or less, Port and Starboard turns and figure 8
  • + Manoeuvres at speed –  Port and Starboard turns and figure 8
  • + Man overboard drill
  • + Safely approach a floating object
  • + Emergency stop
  • + Berthing and unberthing
  • + General navigation and control of the boat

When and how do I get my boat and PWC licence?

On successful completion of this course, you’ll receive two Statements of Competency (SoC), one for the boat and one for personal watercraft. It’s like an official piece of paper that says you passed all the necessary theory and practical assessments – IT IS NOT A BOAT OR JETSKI LICENCE.

To acquire your Boat and PWC licence, you must present your SoC’S at a Transport and Motoring Service Centre (Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre) within 6 months of issue at which time you will pay further govt. charges equal to approx. $116.85 per licence as at 01 July 2021.

Course Inclusions:


Your PWC and Boat statement of competency (SoC) is not a PWC or boat licence or even a temporary licence. If you get pulled over by the Water Police on your jet ski or boat with no licensed person on board and you pull out your SoC, no excuse will be good enough. You will receive a fine.