Peak Performance Buoyancy

Improve Your Scuba

What is neutral buoyancy? Scuba divers like to be neutrally buoyant so they neither sink nor float. It can be a tricky thing. Divers who have mastered the highest performance levels in buoyancy stand apart. You have seen them underwater. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or hover, almost as if by thought. They interact gently with aquatic life and affect their surroundings minimally.

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Course Overview

The PADI Freediver course consists of three main phases: 

Knowledge development about freediving principles through independent study with PADI Freediver eLearning (or your instructor may conduct class sessions if not available in a language you understand). 

Confined water session to learn breathhold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnoea. Goal – static apnoea of 90 seconds and dynamic apnoea of 25 metres/80 feet. 

Open water sessions to practice free immersion and constant weight freedives, plus proper buddy procedures. Goal – constant weight freedive of 10 metres/30 feet. 

What’s Included:

Prerequisites & Requirements: