Night Diver

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Diving at night is so thrilling as you drop into a whole new world and watch it come to life under the glow of your dive light. Life underwater changes at night, there are different species that come out to play. If you have ever wondered what happens after dark, give the Night Diver Speciality course a go and you will find out!

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Course Overview

The PADI Night Diver course is set over two evenings and is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to be confident exploring the underwater world at night-time. You will be taught light handling and communication techniques as well as navigation and entering and exiting the water. Although you may have done this during the day, it is a whole different experience seeing the underwater world at night and viewing nocturnal activities of our ocean species. The course covers: 

  • + Night dive planning, organisation, procedures, techniques and potential problems 
  • + How to control your buoyancy at night 
  • + Light handling and communication techniques 
  • + Entering, exiting and navigating in the dark 
  • + Identifying how plants and animals differ or change behaviour at night 

What’s Included:

Prerequisites & Requirements: